AjaxFog water mist


Chubb Fire & Security launches AjaxFog low pressure water mist

Utrecht – june 2016

Chubb Fire & Security launches the AjaxFog water mist system. Due to its high fire-fighting capacity and relatively little water damage, AjaxFog is ideally suited for burns where a lot of energy/heat is released and/or spaces that should be back in operation quickly after extinguishing, as in care institutions, hotels, parking garages and large shopping centers, historic buildings, theaters, museums and data centers, office buildings, traffic tunnels and airports, ships, offshore platforms as well as engine rooms and cable tunnels.

AjaxFog is applicable for hazard class OH1, OH2, OH3, vide and atria.
AjaxFog extinguishes much more effective than traditional sprinkler systems and uses less water than a sprinkler system. A smaller water supply is therefore sufficient for the same extinguishing capacity.

The AjaxFog water mist range include specially developed small size pumps and modular water tanks, making it possible to easily fit the system into an existing building (too). AjaxFog is also a water mist system that currently has the most comprehensive set of certificates from internationally recognized test houses and consequently, widely applicable.

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